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Suicida l’attentatore dopo aver causato 3 morti ed almeno 50 feriti a Munster in Germania

Furgone sulla folla in Germania, morti e feriti ~ Un furgone è piombato sulla folla in Germania a Munster. I media

Furgone sulla folla in Germania, morti e feriti ~ Un furgone è piombato sulla folla in Germania a Munster.

I media locali parlano di un possibile attentato. Il primo bilancio è già gravissimo: 3 morti e decine di feriti

Le prime immagini arrivate da Munster

Un furgone è piombato sulla folla a Munster





I media locali parlano di un possibile attentato nel centro storico della cittadina situata nel Nord della Germania.

Il primo bilancio parla di 3 morti e decine di feriti, almeno 50

Le immagini che arrivano dai social raccontano di un quotidianità interrotta nel centro storico della città tedesca non lontano dal confine con l’Olanda.

È in corso un’azione delle forze di polizia.

Four people are dead and 20 injured after a vehicle drove into a crowd in the western German city of Münster.

A police spokeswoman said that the driver had shot himself inside the car after driving into the crowd who had been basking in the sunshine outside a restaurant in the town’s historic centre on Saturday afternoon.

Germany’s interior ministry confirmed that four people had died in the incident, including the driver.

Six of the 20 people struck by the car are severely injured, a police spokesperson said. Police told German news channel NTV they had investigated reports that two people had fled from inside the car following the crash, and were not looking for further suspects.

The spokesperson confirmed that a suspicious object had been found inside the car. German media reported that authorities had found a package with wires inside the vehicle. Buildings in the direct vicinity of the incident were evacuated.

It was not clear whether the incident was an attack, police said, but a security source said that scenario could not be ruled out. German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung said on Saturday evening that the incident is likely not a terrorist attack, citing security sources. The driver, the newspaper reported, was believed to be a German citizen with a history of mental health issues, born in 1969. The man’s apartment in the region was being searched, it said.

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